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Greenore Cooley Fisherman's Association

Carlingford Lough Fisherman;s Republic


About us

  1. What is in our Constitution ? We are a group interested in fishing rights for all our members in an area that stems from Carlingford Lough an area of water that exists between Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland and also Dundalk Bay in Co Louth

    We are a group interested in fishing rights for all our members in an area that stems from Carlingford Lough   an area of water that exists between Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland and also Dundalk Bay in Co Louth, the Republic of Ireland. We ruled these waters for the Nomadic Fisherpeople since 1970 unhindered by either Irish or British Governments until the Anglo Irish Agreement when both Irish and British Jurisdictions fisheries departments started making laws imposing on our sovereignty while they both Irish & British Governments have no Jurisdiction within their Courts of Justice. We declared Carlingford Lough a Republic outside of EC Jurisdoction. May GOD guide us in our work for the betterment of all fisherpeople and members of GCFA.

    Our aim is:                    

    To promote social and economic opportunities of members as well as being protective to the environment and it's populace!



    to develop markets for fish

    promote sea angling facilities

    preserve rights on shore of respective members

    preserve mooring area for fishing boats of members

    assist new members learn develop new and present fishing skills

    allow members to store fishing vessels and gear on their associations property


    The association shall be non political & non sectarian, with membership open to all citizens of Ireland both north & south. Members may be required to pay a fee as the committee shall determine from time to time.


    Funds of the association may be obtained through members subscriptions, grants, private and /or public donations, or any fund raising activities that the committee may deem acceptable or necessary. The funds shall be lodged in a bank account approved by the committee. The Treasurer will be responsible for managing the financial affairs of the association. The Secretary and either Chairman shall sign all cheques with the Treasurer. Annual statements of accounts must be produced at the AGM properly audited by two auditors who are not members of the executive committee elected at the AGM. Financial year the 1st of January to the 31st of December.

    General Meeting:

    The AGM will be held at such time and date the executive committee/management determine, provided that the interval between one AGM and the next does not exceed 15 calendar months and that 15 days notice shall be given to all members of the association via the press or e-mail where appropriate. Nominations must be received 5 days before AGM and if only one for a post the candidate is automatically elected prior to the AGM and will be confirmed in their respective post at the respective AGM.

    The AGM will transact the following business:

    Minutes of the previous AGM

    Chairpersons report for the year

    Treasurers report for the year

    Election of 7 + committee members including the officers for the coming year

    discussion on the size of the yearly subscription (if any)

    any further business (AOB)


    Special General Meeting (SGM)

    The Secretary of the committee at any time at his/her discretion may call a meeting if what he/she thinks requires an SGM. As well, within 21 days of receiving a written request signed by not less than 6 members the Secretary shall convene a SGM.


    Amendments to the Constitution:

    Amendments to the Constitution may be proposed at the AGM. Any such proposals to alter this Constitution must be delivered to the Secretary of the association not less than 14 days notice before the AGM. An alteration will require the approval of a 2 third majority of all those present.


    Quorum for Executive/Committee Meetings:

    4 members including officers must attend for a meeting to be valid. In the event of Internet Linkages being developed, a Committee Meeting may be undertaken on line once 4 officers are linked to the Internet Chat System for such meeting.



    The association may be dissolved at any time by a resolution passed by 2 thirds majority of those present and voting at a Special General Meeting (SGM) of the association of which 21 days notice shall be sent to all members of the association. Such resolution may give instructions for the disposal of assets held by or in the name of the Greenore/Cooley Fisherman's Association, provided that if any property remains after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities such property shall be given or transferred to such other institution(s) having similar objectives of the association.


    Archbishop Michael Desmond Hynes  DD BA (hons) PhD

    Chairman, G/CFA. Dated: 4th day of May 2006.



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