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2016 AGM results Greenore Tidy Towns

Posted by Michael Desmond Hynes on April 14, 2015 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Greenore Residents/Tidy Towns Associatio Ltd are holding their AGM Sunday 10th April 2016 @ 12.30 PM in Greenore Co Op Premises.

Greenore Residents/Tidy Towns Association Ltd held their AGM in the Assembly Rooms Greenore Euston Street Greenore Co Louth @ 12.30 PM. Sunday 10th April 2016

A summary was read to all on the events and tasks undertaken since the last AGM keeping the village in immaculate condition. However government cuts and old age is taking its toll on the residents as the villagers  has roughly worked[ their bollocks off] watering flowers and picking up litter whilst officials get only around €38000 a year for literally waving round A4 paper in their hands. 

It was suggestedc that volunteers are expected to work for no pay [like idiots] while the majority of the villagers could not give a hoot what is going on around them.

The Committee Officers seemingly  at last have  copped  on and awakened to whether they  should could or afford to be involved when their is no pay and little thanks of any for their hard work keeping the public amenities serviced at no cost to the Council  or very little expence to the council for the volume of work undertakien.

Red tape has meant a lot of extra work for the officers who if in the workforce have to contend with busy work schedules in their daily livelihoods  and spend time keeping their own properties in tact.

The outgoing Chairperson did not want his name to go forward  for 2016. The new committee  are as follows:

 Brian Larkin Chairperson

Sean Breen Secretary

Raymond Ballantine Treasurer

Margaret Carroll: Director

Committee includes the following:

Mrs Seán Breen, Angela Dullaghan John Daly Michael O'Hora and a few others. 

While we wish all well in their endeavours we look with curiousity to see what the future brings. Let us pray to the Lord. Lord hear us. Amen.